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Thanks to all the Nurses, Doctors and other medical workers all over the world, for your great services.

From the children in my book and me.



Author Lynette Ali brings forward her varied books that aim to teach youngsters the lessons they will need as they stroll through the road called life.

A Message from Allan

Bullying is a continued occurrence that happens almost all over the world. reveals that about 77 percent of students have admitted to being the victim of one type of bullying or another.

In her cause to educate children on how to deal with it, author Lynette Ali brings forward A Message from Allan — a colorful and very insightful narrative that details how Allan overcame bullying at school.

By presenting the story of Allan, Lynette informs little ones not to be afraid of telling adults if they are being bullied. A good book infused with a good cause is what Lynette offers in yet another enlightening read.


My Grandmother’s Basket

In a small town by Mainstay Lake lived a small girl named Beth. Her grandmother lived in a city far away, but every summer, Beth’s grandmother would visit and bring a basket full of surprises.

My Grandmother’s Basket is an engaging read for youngsters who always looked forward to grandma’s visits!


Seven Little Words in a Journal

“Son, I know what you did is not a crime, but it is theft. If you bring home a leash today, then tomorrow you will bring a stolen dog. You will get in trouble with the law, especially if we encourage you.”

Seven Little Words in a Journal is a treasure trove of life lessons that come in short reminders to youngsters and adults alike.